Suprakas Sinha Ray

Professor Suprakas Sinha Ray is a chief researcher in polymer nanocomposites at the CSIR with a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Calcutta in 2001 and director of the DST-CSIR National Centre for Nanostructured Materials. Ray’s current research focuses on polymer-based advanced nanostructured materials and their applications. He is one of the most active and highly cited authors in the field of polymer nanocomposite materials and he has recently, been rated by Thomson Reuters as being one of the Top 1% most impactful and influential scientists and Top50 high impact chemists (out of 2 mil Chemists worldwide).

Prof. Ray is the author of 4 books, co-author of 3 edited books, 30 book chapters on various aspects of polymer-based nano-structured materials & their applications, and author and co-author of 300 articles in high-impact international journals, 30 articles in national and international conference proceedings. He also has 6 patents registered or filled) and 7 new demonstrated technologies shared with colleagues, collaborators and industrial partners. So far his team commercialized 19 different products. His honours and awards include South Africa’s most Prestigious 2016 National Science and Technology Award (NSTF); Prestigious 2014 CSIR-wide Leadership award; Prestigious 2014 CSIR Human Capital development award; Prestigious 2013 Morand Lambla Awardee (top award in the field of polymer processing worldwide), International Polymer Processing Society, USA. He is also appointed as Extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria and Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Johannesburg.