Poster Programme

Food Security, Nutrition and Well Being

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P1 231 Consumer prejudice against insect protein: Can it be overcome? Jessy Van Wyk, Vusi Vincent Mshayisa
P2 6 Protein, Vitamin A and mineral content of instant-maize porridge as influenced by the addition of Moringa oleifera leaves and termite powders Khavhatondwi Netshiheni, Lindelani Mushaphi, Cebisa Nesamvuni
P3 15 Snack choices: Modern factors contributing to obesity Annchen Mielmann, Thomas Brunner
P4 16 Proposed strategies for South African supermarkets to increase healthier food choices Annchen Mielmann
P5 17 Female consumers’ motives to choose and eat sweet baked products Annchen Mielmann, Thomas Brunner
P6 29 Young cladodes from cactus pears (Opuntia ficus-indica) as a viable food source Alba Du Toit, Maryna De Wit, Onele Mpemba, Bonolo Makhalemele, Yo-Chia Huang, Taylon Colbert, Sonja Venter, Arno Hugo
P7 30 Nopalitos a new food source: Comparison of two nopalito cultivars to known vegetables Onele Mpemba, Alba Du Toit, Maryna De Wit, Arno Hugo
P8 34 Human probiotics from cattle to battle vitamin A deficiency, the prime hidden hunger challenge Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy, Elna M Buys
P9 44 Comparative effect of methanol and oil extract of Ocimum gratissimum on testicular morphology and spermiogram of adult male albino rats (Wistar strain) Ishmael Jaja, Emmanuel Ikokide, Adamu Boyi, Oyeyemi Olugbenga
P10 46 Human simulated gastrointestinal digestion influences phenolic metabolite content of Solanum nigrum (Black nightshade) an African leafy vegetable Siphosanele Moyo, Eugenie Kayitesi, Vuyo Mavumengwana
P11 60 Impact of nutrition education intervention on children under five years at Ha Thetsane Maseru Mothusi Nyofane, Marinel Hoffman, Rose Dufe-Turkson
P12 61 Comparison of cost of diet and feeding practices of 6-month old infant residing in HIV exposed versus-unexposed environment Mothusi Nyofane, Marinel Hoffman
P13 70 Model gluten-free bread doughs made with the sorghum and maize prolamin proteins, kafirin and zein Mphokuhle B. Ncube, Janet Taylor, John R.N. Taylor
P14 103 The morphological and physico-chemical evaluation of nopalitos from twenty South African cactus pear cultivars Bonolo Makhalemele, Dr M de Wit, Ms M Truter, Dr A du Toit, Dr S Amoo, Prof A Hugo
P15 112 Gluten-sugar-free banana flour-based biscuits: effect of ingredient concentrations on textural properties and consumer acceptability Tshimgandzo Malindi, Obiro Cuthbert Wokadala, Fhatuwani Nixwell Mudau
P16 136 Magwinya production and consumption in South Africa – towards a healthier cereal snack Oluwatoyin Onipe, Daniso Beswa, Afam IO Jideani
P17 167 Quality and antioxidant properties of South African steamed wheat bread incorporating sorghum and maize flour Stellar Frisby, K. Gyebi Duodu
P18 168 Effect of moringa oleifera leaf powder on the physicochemical properties of beef minced meat Mukovhe Mutshatshi, Tabea Mokhele, Mpho Mashau
P19 170 Assessment of growth performance, haemo-biochemistry and meat quality of Japanese quails fed on Moringa oleifera Anzai Mulaudzi
P20 186 The characterization of protein content and functional properties of Lactobacillus plantarum fermented Moringa oleifera Lam. seeds Udisha Bassai, Gyebi Duodu, Naushad Emmambux, Nwabisa Mehlomakulu
P21 190 Comparison of physicochemical properties and oxidative stability of black soldier fly larvae (hermetia illucens) oil with sunflower oil Vusi Vincent Mshayisa, Nanilethu Ngcukayithobi
P22 202 Plant-based foods as potential biofortificants for functional food application end use -a review Zolelwa Hardy, Victoria A Jideani
P23 242 Nutritional characterisation of monkey orange (Strychnos madagascariensis) seeds for food security in South Africa Kiana Van Rayne, Oluwafemi Adebo, Obiro Wokadala, Nomali Ngobese
P24 210 Goat meat to attain food security Zani Veldsman, Hettie Schönfdeldt

Food Safety, Control and Regulation

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P25 152 Breaking new ground – findings and experiences following a food safety culture assessment at a prominent South African Food service facility Linda Jackson, Ryk Lues, Adele Krogh, Bridget Day
P26 19 Does the pace of regulatory progress slow innovation? Gabrielle Jackson
P27 23 Diagnostic Challenges with Listeria monocytogenes Identification from food and environmental samples Teena Thomas, Adriano Duse
P28 25 Routine antibiotic use in food production: Challenges and solutions Karim Dhanani
P29 33 Application of mathematical models for the prediction of Listeria monocytogenes growth in ready-to-eat meals sold in South Africa Basirat Olaonipekun, Ranil Coorey, Elna Buys
P30 72 Evaluation of food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices of food handlers and foodborne pathogens in Lesotho prisons. Masello Sejake, Jane Nkhebenyane, Ryk Lues
P31 100 Survey of bovine brucellosis from 2013-2018 in the Eastern Cape, South Africa Wanga-Ungeviwa Phingilili, Ishmael Festus Jaja, Leocadia Zhou
P32 106 Knowledge of foodborne disease pathogens among farmers, abattoir and butchery workers formal and informal meat sector in South Africa Ishmael Jaja, Ezekiel Green, James Oguttu, Voster Muchenje
P33 116 Campylobacter spp. and Arcobacter spp. prevalence in ostriches reared in the Oudtshoorn area, South Africa Nompumelelo Shange, Pieter Gouws, Louwrens Hoffman
P34 123 Gauteng consumers’ perceptions of food safety in quick service restaurants: An importance-performance analysis Lesego Marule, Gerrie Du Rand, Nadene Marx-Pienaar
P35 131 In vitro and in vivo antifungal control of citrus black spot (cbs) using thyme oil and thyme oil hydrosol Bheki Thapelo Magunga, N.J Malebo
P36 158 The use of essential oils to control pathogen-carrying cockroaches found in South African food markets Gosego Sedikelo
P37 161 My facilities own microbial plan – the state before spoilage and pathogenic effect Dia van Staden
P38 169 Assessment of microbial quality of dried fish sold in the informal market around Johannesburg and, its public health implications in South Africa Siphiwe Nkosi, Edoaurd Mpinda Tshipamba
P39 175 Food safety knowledge of street vendors in Tshwane when managing fresh produce Sphephile Zwane, Dr JMM Marx_Pienaar, Prof GE du Rand
P40 182 Microbial quality of the water used in the preparation of food served within the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP), Thabong Welkom Tlholohelo Tsolo, Frederick Lues, Jugen Manyatsa
P41 185 Assessment of food handler knowledge, attitudes and practices among street food vendors and consumers’ perceptions of street food vending in Maseru Lesotho Pontso Letuka, Jane Nkhebenyane
P42 189 South African urban consumers’ knowledge regarding Listeria of processed meat products: results of a web-based survey Gerrie du Rand, Nadene Marx-Pienaar
P43 193 Extraction and Characterization of Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) of Escherichia coli O157:H7 ATCC 43888 and Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 7644 biofilms grown at different growth conditions Stanley Dula, Oluwatosin Ademola Ijabadeniyi, Ajayeoba Titilayo Adenike
P44 200 Using XRay Technology for cold pasteurising of Food products Cherin Balt, Karin Hussey
P45 93 Characterization of antibiotic resistant lactic acid bacteria in OGI steep liquor Titilayo Ajayeoba, Oluwatosin Ijabadeniyi
P46 207 High protein sports supplements’ protein quality and label compliance Hettie Schönfeldt, Beulah Pretorius
P47 88 Salmonella nomenclature is very intricate and scientists use diverse systems to communicate with reference to this genus. Making this understandable to people in the industry and explaining the importance and impact of Salmonella in the food industry and human health Michele Maartens

Shelf life of food and prevention of losses

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P48 51 Quality degradation of tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) milk drinks during storage Taiwo Olurin, Ahmad Saleh
P49 83 The effect of antioxidants (natural and synthetic) on storage stability of crude sunflower oil Som Salatou, Eugenie Kayitesi
P50 118 The nutritional and rehydration properties of dried butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata) Nwabisa Mehlomakulu, Rentia Lewis
P51 224 Effects of microwaving sorghum grain on the sensory characteristics of porridges prepared from flours stored for up to 6 weeks Olalekan J. Adebowale, John R.N. Taylor, Henrietta L. de Kock

Food Microbiology

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P52 74 Microbiological quality of beef, mutton, pork, and chicken from abattoirs in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Philisani Ncoko, Morris Makepe, Gabrial Mutero, Ishmael Jaja, Voster Muchenje
P53 7 Effects of ultraviolet c on the spores of bacillus subtilis and bacillus velenzensis suspension in phosphate buffered saline James Elegbeleye, Elna Buys, Artur X. Roig-Sagues, Ramon Gervilla
P54 35 Polyphasic Taxonomy of a novel Chryseobacterium strain isolated from poultry feather waste Adeline Lum Nde, George Charimba, Arina Hitzeroth, Celia Hugo, Jeffrey Newman, Laurinda Steyn
P55 40 Detection and enumeration of inoculated Listeria monocytogenes in unflavored ice cream mix using culture method Njabulo Maphumulo, Elna Buys
P56 82 Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat food sold in Johannesburg, South Africa Hattie Makumbe, Frederick Tabit Tabit, Bhekisisa Dlamini
P57 86 The growth and survival of escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus reference strains in boerewors formulated with reduced or partially replaced NaCl Alicia Freitag, MacDonald Cluff, Arina Hitzeroth, Arno Hugo, Celia Hugo
P58 90 Phylogenetic analysis and molecular characterization of food spoilers associated with a novel food product Betty Ajibade, Christiana Aruwa, Oluwatosin Ijabadeniyi
P59 109 Increasing the folate content of fermented sorghum with lactobacillus plantarum Adriana du Plessis, Kwaku Duodu, Elna Buys
P60 120 Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenesin food samples from retail shops and street vendors in Pretoria and evaluation of probiotics as its potential control measure Brighton Ncube, Moloko Mathipa, Mapitsi Thantsha
P61 127 Phytochemical composition and antioxidant activities of Moringa oleifera, Solanum retroflexum and Corchorus olitorius leaf extracts Nontobeko Zulu, Eugine Kayitesi, Bhekisisa Dlamini
P62 130 Multi- stress adaptation and subsequent freezing alters the structural and functional properties of probiotic strains Thobeka Dlangalala, Moloko Mathipa, Mapitsi Thantsha
P63 134 Antibiofilm properties of selected probiotics against Listeria monocytogenes Reabetswe Masebe, Moloko Mathipa, Mapitsi Thantsha
P64 155 Molecular characterization and antibiotic resistance of foodborne pathogens in street -vended ready to eat meat sold in south Africa Mpinda Edoaurd Tshipamba
P65 156 Targeted control of Listeria monocytogenes using recombinant probiotics, a promising intervention towards mitigation of listeriosis outbreaks Tlangelani Mlambo, Moloko Mathipa, Mapitsi Thantsha
P66 172 Detection of subclinical mastitis causing agents from cattle of small-scale farms around Harrismith, Free State Province using culture method and Multiplex PCR Ntelekwane George Khasapane, Sebolelo Jane Nkhebenyane, Oriel Thekisoe
P67 205 Antimicrobial activity of Thymus vulgaris essential oil on the fatty acids profile of Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus cell wall Gaofetoge Lenetha
P68 209 Microbial levels on the street vended foods and preparation surfaces of Mangaung Metro in South Africa Malerato Moloi
P69 227 The microbial stability of overwrapped and vacuum packaged bovine blood sausage Ennet Moholisa, Phillip Strydom, Magdeline Magoro, Kealeboga Mosimanyana, Arno Hugo
P70 240 Microbiological quality of dried insects (mopane worms, termites and stinky bug) sold around Thohoyandou market, South Africa Tshedza Tangulani, Shonisani Ramashia
P71 243 Antimicrobial activity of Lavandula officianalis, Mentha piperita and Salvia officinalis essential oils on oral pathogens Sinazo Ntondini, Gaofetoge Lenetha, Thywill Dzogbewu

Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P72 14 Mango kernel oil as an additional ingredient for the production of a trans-fat free margarine Kgothatso Tlhapi, Laura da Silva, Thierry Regnier, Belinda Du Plessis
P73 21 Development of vinegar from lilly pilly (Syzygium paniculatum) Tumissi Molelekoa, Emely Demile, Carmen Leonard, Thierry Regnier
P74 50 Effect of harvest maturity and blanching on drying behaviour and physico-textural properties of pomegranate arils (cv. Acco) Adegoke Olusesan Adetoro, Olaniyi Amos Fawole, Umezuruike Linus Opara
P75 91 Optimization of biomass production of pigment producing filamentous fungi for use in the food industry Tumisi Molelekoa, Thierry Regnier, Laura da Silva, Wilma Augustyn
P76 111 Cassava Banana Pancakes: Gluten free, soft, oven baked pancakes with an authentic African flavour Carina Mendes, Lilian Kafuko, Katlego Baikie
P77 119 New product development of an affordable wheat-soy sponge cake dessert for the price-sensitive (lower LSM) market Sarah Kandolo, Reagan Kawuma, Asanda Nkonyane, Heriette De Kock
P78 174 Nutritional and structural characterization of black soldier fly larvae before and after freeze drying. Bongisiwe Zozo, Prof Merill Wicht, Vusi Mshayisa
P79 233 New sources of natural colorants for the industries from Madagascar Island dye plants Mahery Andriamanantena, Pascal Danthu, Patricia Clerc, Thierry Reigner, Belinda Du Plessis, Fanjaniaina Fawbush Razafimbelo, Beatrice Raonizafinimanana, Thomas Petit, Yanis Caro
P80 132 Plant-based Proteins for healthy and sustainable nutrition as well as for Multi-sensory experience in applications Stefanie Speiser

Novel and Emerging Technologies in Food and Beverages

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P81 9 Quality characteristics of an extruded product from sorghum and peanut and its sorption isotherms Sunday Sobowale, Antoine Mulaba-Bafubiandi, Oluwafemi Adebo, Patrick Njobeh
P82 58 Effect of Harvest Maturity, Fermentation Duration and Drying time on the Functional, Pasting and Organoleptic properties of Pan fired fufu powder Lukumon Ayinde Odunmbaku, Samuel Sunday Sobowale, Adeyinka Elizabeth Adetunji, Olufemi Ayodeji Adebo, Oluwole Omotoso
P83 92 Hot by Nature: Whole Genome Sequencing of Bacillus sporothermodurans in UHT milk Rodney Owusu-Darko, Silvia Dias de Oliveira, Elna Buys

Food Chemistry and Analysis

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P84 12 Green Solvent for Phenolic Characterisation of Plant Material: Application to Cyclopia pubescens Nico Walters, Elizabeth Joubert, Dalene De Beer
P85 20 Phytochemical characteristics and potential use of Bauhinia galpinii flowers as a novel source of dye Thierry Regnier, Wilma Augustyn
P86 24 Cross-reactivity and allergen risk assessments Jana Coetzee, Harris Steinman
P87 31 Effects of Soxhlet and water extraction on Phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity of Marula and Orange peels. Minenhle Khoza, Eugenie Kayitesi
P88 45 Nutritional and antinutritional factors of Raw and fermented Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea). Janet Adebiyi, Patrick Njobeh, Eugenie Kayitesi
P89 49 Functional properties of hydrothermally treated maize starch with stearic acid Clarity Ropafadzo Mapengo, Mohammad Naushad Emmambux, Suprakas Sinha Ray
P90 56 Gas chromatography high resolution time of flight mass spectrometry (GC-HRTOF-MS) dataset of whole grain sorghum and derived ting (a fermented Southern African food) Oluwafemi Adebo, Eugenie Kayitesi, Janet Adebiyi, Patrick Njobeh
P91 75 Effects of fermentation and lactic acid acidification on protein quality of finger millet gruel John Lubaale, Gyebi. K Duodu
P92 99 Effect of extrusion cooking on cooking quality, beta carotene content and antioxidant properties of gluten free maize – orange fleshed sweet potato pasta Rose Otema Baah, M. Naushad Emmambux, KG Duodu
P93 108 Characterization of Coffea Arabica cultivars grown in Port Edward, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Verushca Naicker, Dr. Paul James Williams, Prof. Marena Manley
P94 133 Establishing relationship between structure and oil absorption in cereal fried batter and dough using conventional methods and a non-invasive double-staining microscopy protocol Oluwatoyin Onipe, Daniso Beswa, Afam IO Jideani
P95 137 Development and characterization of sorghum Mahewu supplemented with Bambara groundnut Xolisile Witness Qaku, Adeoluwa Adetunji, Bhekisisa Dlamini
P96 139 Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activities of fermented unripe banana flour Promise Mokgwatjane, Mpho Mashau
P97 140 A study of cannabis products in the South African market Shivani Bhowan, Esrie Menhennet, Mark Pieterse, Alexander Whaley
P98 147 Effect of Irradiation on Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectral Data of Honey Alexandra Rust, Federico Marini, Mike Allsopp, Paul Williams, Marena Manley
P99 151 What is buzzing in your backyard? Esrie Menhennet, Alexander Whaley, Shivani Bhowan, Mark Pieterse
P100 164 Optimisation of Bambara groundnut protein gelation process Faith Matiza Ruzengwe, Eric O. Amonsou, Tukayi Kudanga
P101 173 Effect of added resulting flours from heat treated Bambara groundnut seeds on the rheological properties of wheat flours Peter Mukwevho, Maboko Samuel Mphosi, Mohammad Naushad Emmambux
P102 178 Functional and morphological characterization of six green banana flour cultivars grown in South Africa for food application Phumudzo Blair Makatu
P103 180 Functional properties of defatted marama flour: A hope for the bakery industry Patricia Nyembwe, Riette de Kock
P104 198 Potential for enhanced soy storage protein breakdown and allergen reduction in soy-based foods produced with optimized sprouted soybeans Ajibola Bamikole Oyedeji, John Jason Mellem, Oluwatosin Ademola Ijabadeniyi
P105 201 Rheological characterisation of flour produced from roasted wheat Zandre Germishuys, Lomme Deleu, Jan Delcour, Marena Manley

Sensory and Consumer Science

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P106 47 Juicing potential and sensory properties of low chill requiring apple cultivars Hermine Stander, Iwan Labuschagne, Magdalena Muller, Dalene de Beer, Elizabeth Joubert
P107 66 Addition of red palm oilein as natural antioxidant to sunflower oil: Effect on frying quality Nombulelo Zulu, Eugénie Kayitesi, Opeoluwa Ogundele
P108 128 The product development of a gluten-free focaccia bread using smart African crops. Nadia Pretorius, Michelle Fourie, Nicholas MacDonald
P109 148 Effect of cultivation medium on the fermentation potential of two Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains and one Torulaspora delbrueckii strain Clymie Abrahams, Valmary van Breda, Ndiko Ludidi, Rodney Hart
P110 181 The effect of resting time (15 min, 24 h) of sorghum-soya (70:30) dough on physical and textural properties and consumer acceptability of the biscuits. Josephine Baloyi, Naushad N Emmambux, John RN Taylor, Henriette L de Kock
213 Consumption of instant noodles, Utilization of Amaranthus, Consumer acceptability and physical quality of Amaranthus-supplemented noodles among students at the University of Zululand Nothando Qumbisa1, Nomali Ngobese2, Unathi Kolanisi3, Mthulisi Siwela1
234 Acceptability of Cowpea-based Instant Soup among Youth in Rural KwaZulu-Natal TP Kheswa1, 3, L Sisoka1, NZ Ngobese2, M Siwela3, U Kolanisi1

Consumers in the 21st century: Trends

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P111 113 South African Consumers’ subjective and objective knowledge of the Karoo lamb claim of geographic origin: implications for consumer protection Ina Wilken, Suné Donoghue, Johann Kirsten
P112 145 Mkate bread – a gluten-free garlic naan bread made from rice and cassava flour Jane Marais, Celeste Khuzwayo, Brittany Worthington

Functional Foods

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P113 117 Metagenomics analysis and bacterial viability of selected commercial probiotic supplements and the antibiotic resistance of probiotic isolates Richard Nyanzi, Seth Rapoo, Renate Roux-Van Der Merwe, Piet Jooste, Elna Buys
P114 177 Gluten free flat bread containing sorghum flour, cassava flour and yoghurt. Chante Bosch, Nomfundo Dlamini, Daddy Kgonothi
P115 52 Effect of microwave pre-treatment on the cooking time and functional properties of pre-soaked Bambara groundnut seeds Anton Venter, Prof. K.G. Duodu, Prof. M.N. Emmambux
P116 55 Functional properties of cactus pear mucilage: gelling, emulsification, edible coatings and spherification Dembe Mushanganyisi, Maryna de WIT, C Bothma, Anold Hugo, S Venter, A du Toit, Liezl du TOIT
P117 64 The effect of addition of hydrocolloids on the quality characteristics of gluten free bread made from unripe banana flour Ilunga Joelle Kongolo, Laura Suzanne Da Silva, Belinda Du Plessis, Obiro Cuthbert Wokadala, Mieke Daneel
P118 71 Nutritional and antioxidant capacity of porridge from pre-soaked infrared heated bambara groundnut Opeolu Mayowa Ogundele, Eugenie Kayitesi, Mohammad Naushad Emmambux
P119 77 Application of liquid native and powdered freeze-dried mucilage in functional food product development – A sensory perspective Maryna de Wit, Alba du Toit, Carina Bothma, Arno Hugo, Schani Naudé, Kelly Bouwer
P120 94 Mucilage: Characterisation of proteins and carbohydrates responsible for capacity and stability of foam food systems Sibongile Miya, Maryna de Wit, Angeline van Biljon, Eric Amonsou, Sonya Venter

What is new in meat, dairy, fruit & vegetables, cereals and legume, fats and oils science?

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P121 43 Starch and protein characteristics of quality protein maize grown under optimal and low nitrogen conditions Schae-Lee Olckers, Garry Osthoff, Maryke Labuschagne, Perry Ng

Convenience Food

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P122 57 Development and quality evaluation of cookies produced from wheat-maize cob flour blends Lukumon Ayinde Odunmbaku, Samuel Sunday Sobowale, Monilola Adenekan, Olufemi Ayodeji Adebo, Oluwole Omotoso

Environmental Sustainability and Waste Management

PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P123 37 The functionality of bioplastics from brewers’ spent grain prolamins Anesu Magwere, Janet Taylor, John Taylor
P124 85 Material properties of maize starch and zein protein biopolymer blends manufactured by hot melt blending under alkaline conditions Mondli Masanabo, Naushad Emmambux


PB No. Abstract No. Title Authors
P125 129 The role of knowledge on the effect of external influences on the food information search of working female consumers Marli Nel, Daleen van der Merwe, Hanli de Beer, Suria Ellis
P126 144 Extraction and characterisation of pectin, micro and nanocellulose from grape pomace, grapefruit peels, and sugarcane bagasse Marie Carene Nancy Picot-Allain, Mohammad Naushad Emmambux
P127 149 Asphodeline lutea Reichenb and Asphodeline cilicica Tuzlaci: Wild edible medicinal plants with bioactive properties Carene Marie Nancy Picot-Allain, Mohamad Fawzi Mahomoodally, Dora Melucci , Marcello Locatelli , Clinio Locatelli, Alessandro Zappi , Francesco De Laurentiis, Simone Carradori, Cristina Campestre, Lidia Leporini, Gokhan Zengin, Luigi Menghini, Abdurrahman Aktumsek, Andrei Mocan, Kanna Rengasamy
P128 154 Severity index of fasciolosis in dairy cattle slaughtered abattoir in the Eastern Cape Province South Africa Zuko Mpisana, Ishmael Jaja, Munyaradzi Christopher Marufu, Voster Muchenje

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