Product Theatre Programme
Kerry – Meeting the proactive health & wellness consumer’s needs through functional ingredients

Date: 4th September

Time: 11:15 -12:00


Today’s consumer is more proactive than ever about their health & wellness. They demand more information about what is in their foods, beverages and supplements and they expect products to help meet their individual health & wellness needs. In this session, we’ll discuss the growing functional food, beverage and dietary supplement markets and how innovating with functional ingredients can meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Presentation Outline

  • Market growth of functional food/beverage & dietary supplements.
  • Consumer trends/drivers that are propelling growth.
  • The key benefits consumers want (immune health, digestive health, protein/
  • Kerry ingredients that address these benefits (Wellmune®, GanedenBC30®, ProDiem & Ultranor proteins.
  • Role of branded ingredients in establishing consumer trust.

Presentation Title

Meeting the proactive health & wellness consumer’s needs through functional ingredients.

Speaker:  Brian Nevin

Speaker’s affiliation (Institution / Company)


Speaker biography

Brian Nevin is the senior business development lead for Kerry’s Applied Health & Nutrition business in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. In this capacity, Brian is responsible for the growth of Kerry’s branded functional ingredients, Wellmune & GanedenBC30, proteins & enzymes portfolios, and pharma ingredients. Brian has been with Kerry for more than 9 years with a long-term focus on pharma and functional ingredients. Brian received his degree from Halton College in the UK and currently resides in Bangkok.