Product Theatre Programme

Lead the Scene and Keep it Green with Plant-based Proteins

Speakers: Savannah Fine Chemicals Team

Country: South Africa

Bio: Savannah Fine Chemicals supplies food manufacturers with quality ingredients and a wide range of additives to help create the taste, texture, performance and appearance required for various food and nutritional products. We represent leading global manufacturers and our specialists can provide you with unrivalled sales support bringing the highest quality products to the market. Quality ingredients, support systems and a proven product development capability that make sense for your business, setting Savannah apart – an ideal partnership for ingredient success.

Abstract/Overview: Besides fat and carbohydrates, protein is a fundamental nutritional component made up of essential amino acids required for physiological functions. The focus on wellbeing and sustainability within the food industry is pathing the way for plant based alternatives.  The demand for high protein and lower carbohydrate foods are challenging developers to source alternative proteins suitable for the desired application.  Soy-, pea-, and chickpea are only some of the examples enjoying the limelight.  Nutritional profile, allergen status, flavour, functionality and cost-in-use are important considerations for a specific application when choosing a protein.  A protein’s ability to disperse, solubilize or bind water are key factors assisting manufacturers in creating several final products providing the consumer with more options. Ultimately the challenge lies in creating plant based alternatives that mimic the nutritional profile, taste and texture of conventional dairy based proteins.