Product Theatre Programme

Date: Monday 2 September 2019

Time: 14:00 – 14:30

The presentation provides an overview of:
•Challenges in routine testing of dietary supplements
•Current workflow and methodologies being used in testing laboratories and the technology needs for method modernization
•The benefits of UHPLC/UPLC coupled to mass detection in addition to optical detectors
Also we will discuss key applications and case studies that demonstrate:
•How to modernize routine HPLC methods (e.g. Isoflavones)
•Verify label claims
•How to consolidate multiple analytes into a single analysis

Presentation Title: Rapid Analysis of Functional ingredients in food and beverages

Speaker:  Willem Joubert

Speaker’s affiliation: Microsep (Pty) Ltd

Speaker biography

Willem Joubert is the Chromatography Chemistry Specialist of the Waters Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and Instrument Division at Microsep (Pty) Ltd. He obtained his N.Dip Analytical Chemistry from Technicon Pretoria (now Tshwane University of Technology) in 1993. His chromatography career started in 1995 (working with Waters HPLC’s) at AECI Modderfontein campus (now CSIR) with the Analytical division, where he gained experience on both routine and method development requirements for chromatography. Willem joined Microsep in 1998 and has extensive knowledge in the fields of sample preparation, chromatographic method and application requirements across all the industries.