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Kerry – Africa Rising

Kerry Product Theatre

Presentation Title: Africa Rising

Speaker: Arnold Mnkandla

Speaker’s affiliation: Kerry

Africa is rapidly growing, driven by the continued expansion of middle-class consumer group. This giving rise to a demand for certain products, flavours as well as tastes. As such understanding these consumers is critical and by focusing on developing products with local and traditional tastes there is an opportunity to outpace the market.

Presentation Outline:

  • What does Africa Rising mean?
  • A glance at the consumer.
  • Micro Trends
  • Streetfood going mainstream

Speaker biography:

Arnold Mnkandla is the Strategic Marketing Manager for Kerry’s Taste & Nutrition business in the Sub – Saharan African region. In this capacity, Arnold is responsible for ensuring that insight-driven marketing strategies and plans​​ are implemented to best serve the African market. Arnold started off in market research and then did brand development and brand building for market-leading FMCG brands. Academically, he possesses a Marketing Honours degree from NUST (ZWE).