Pam Coleman

Pam Coleman has spent her career providing scientific services leadership within the food industry, first within R&D for two food industry leaders and more recently at Merieux NutriSciences.  She is currently Vice President of Research Services, a team dedicated to product innovation support services such as clinical research, sensory and consumer studies, as well as product shelf life and safety validations for the food and dietary supplement industries.  Pam has an MBA from Georgia State University, a BA in Biology from Greenville University, and is a Certified Food Scientist.  As a long term of the Institute of Food Technologists member and volunteer, Pam is now the President Elect of IFT.



Feeding Minds for Tomorrow’s World

Pamela Coleman1, Eric Schneider2, Jennifer Braner2, and Jennifer Liu Goluszka2

1 Merieux NutriSciences, 111 E Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601

2 Institute of Food Technologists, 525 W Van Buren Street, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL  60617

While change is inevitable, the pace of change continues to increase as do the challenges facing our global food supply.  Population growth, the increasing chronic disease burden, agricultural impact of water scarcity and soil erosion all have to be addressed, but we also see advances in technology allowing for urban farming, advanced traceability tools, and innovative ingredients.  How can we rise to meet these challenges as people invested in the science of food?   What role do our industry associations play in preparing and informing us, enabling us to influence and improve tomorrow’s world?