Katia dos Santos Dias

Katia dos Santos Dias was born in Maputo in November 1975. With 20 years of professional experience in management as well as technical areas, has worked extensively in design and implementation in the areas of nutrition, food safety, quality, environment and hygiene and safety in Mozambique, Malawi, Portugal and recently in Sudan.  Katia is a trained nutritionist and food engineer, holds postgraduate diploma in Investment Management and International Trade and is a master’s degree in Nutrition and Biotechnology. With more than 12 years in the private sector, in companies like FINSEDA, SGS Portugal and Mozambique, Makro Portugal, METRO GROUP, Sunera Cimentos, and more recently in the development sector in HKI Mozambique, UN WFP Mozambique and Sudan. She is presently Country Director for GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in Mozambique.