Dr Lynn McMullen

Dr. McMullen has been a professor at the University of Alberta for the past 25 years.  Dr. McMullen’s research focuses on food safety and quality with a focus on meat.  The research has spanned from discovery of novel antimicrobial peptides, to application of novel antimicrobials and interventions to control pathogens in food and rapid detection of pathogens.  In the past 6 years, Dr. McMullen has published over 40 peer reviewed scientific papers and has mentored more than 20 graduate students.  She is the Scientific Lead of the biosafety Level 2 Meat Safety and Processing Research Centre where research is done in conditions that duplicate a meat processing facility.    Dr. McMullen was one of the founders of CanBiocin Inc. a biotechnology company that commercialized the research on use of bacteriocins to control foodborne pathogens.