Dr Karen Cooper


Dr Karen Cooper is focused in the area of Sustainable Nutrition industrial Research and Development. She works to brings together the science of sustainability and nutrition in the context of Nestlé’s purpose and commitments. She is responsible for developing tools, ways of working and collaborations to help drive nutrition and sustainability impact, via products and actions as a company, with a particular emphasis on the nutrition status of farmer families. She also coordinates a network of sustainability champions across the global R&D network in over 30 centres that help embed sustainability into products and processes at the earliest stage, encompassing the entire value chain, from the farmer to consumer. Karen holds a BSc in Human and Environmental Biology, an MSc in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Ulster, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge.


As a global food company, we have the responsibility to ensure the people that grow the food that we buy are producers by choice and that this livelihood enables nutrition security i.e. healthy, sustainable and enjoyable diets, for farming families, workers and communities. By supporting farmers, their families and workers and helping their children to thrive, we build stronger communities. These communities can then help us to ensure the supply of ingredients we need for our products over the long term. By partnering with multiple stakeholders, acting at scale and with urgency, we can tackle this most pervasive issue and work to ensure nutrition-secure rural farming communities.