David Watson

B.SC (Chem Eng), MBA

David Watson, B.SC (Chem Eng), MBA, was the major shareholder and managing director of Sunspray Food Ingredients (Pty) Ltd for the last 28 years. He recently sold the company but has been retained as a non-executive director. David’s involvement in Food Industry activities in South Africa has been extensive.  For many years he was a director of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and, after its disbandment, a founding director of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa. David has been heavily involved with the South African Association for Food Science and Technology for nearly 20 years and is a Past President of SAAFoST.  He also served on the IUFoST 2010 congress organising committee.  He is currently the Chairman of the SAAFoST Foundation and the Chairman of FACS (Food Advisory Consumer Service). He is also the chairman of the Local Organising Committee for the SAAFoST Congress 2019.



Food Challenges in the 21st Century

SAAFoST, Johannesburg

Introduction: Having worked in the food industry for 40 years it is safe to say that every year the challenges increase. The presentation looks at some of the existing and future challenges facing all aspects of the food industry.

Governments Regulations & Actions: Trade wars; Trade Agreements; DAFF Regulations & Reciprocity; Complexity of SA Food Regulations; and Non Tariff Trade Barriers.

Natural & Other Disasters: Weather Disasters; Water Shortages; Animal and Plant Diseases; Food and Water Borne Diseases; and The Future of Bees.

Population Growth & Demographics: World Population; Birth Control; Changing Demographics; and Population Aging.

Food Security, Sustainability, & Waste: Food Security; Sustainability; Food Waste; Best Before Dates; and Environmental Impact.

Misinformation About Food & Fake News: Hippocrates; Food Advisory Consumer Service; Science vs Fiction; Junk Foods; and The Food Babe.

Events & Consequences: McDonalds’ Reacting to Food Trends; Higher Food Safety Standards; Food Fraud; and Over Zealous Legislation.

Conclusion: Some ideas about what changes we can expect before the end of the Century and some thoughts from a brilliant scientist.