Andreas Risch

Biography of Andreas Risch, Managing Director at Bühler Group

As head of the Special Grains and Pulses Business Unit at Bühler Group Andreas Risch comes to the conference as a dynamic business leader working at the forefront of research and developments in this exciting market.

Bühler Group forecasts indicate that special grains and pulses will play an ever-increasing role in achieving sustainable global food production and supply. Andreas Risch will analyze the social and business impact of megatrends and the demands of significant population growth relative to the looming protein gap, water scarcity and efficient land usage.

It is increasingly challenging to differentiate your business from your competitors and at the same time produce healthy, safe and ethical foods that cater for megatrends. Bühler Group are research and development leaders in this area and are committed to ensuring that trends are serviced economically, ethically and sustainably. Our expertise and reach will help your business prosper in this shifting food supply environment.

Our vision statement: We want every human being to have access to healthy food.